Respiratory Conditions

The grouping, respiratory conditions relate to medical conditions that affect either the lungs or the respiratory system. It’s estimated that these affect around one in five people in England and costs the NHS around eleven billion pounds every year to manage, no small change! These conditions include asthma, lung cancer, pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) amongst many more and some can be more prominent during winter months, this also includes the Coronavirus disease.

Just some of the conditions linked to respiratory diseases:


The most common of all the respiratory medical conditions is Asthma, especially amongst children where it is the most common chronic disease. The condition affects the airways carrying air both in and out of the lungs where inflammation of these airways can cause symptoms such as coughing, wheezing and experiencing a tight chest.

Across the world over two hundred and fifty million people suffer from the respiratory condition of Asthma alone, this is the most common chronic condition amongst children and one in eleven children in the UK have the condition.

Travelling with Asthma

Because Asthma can be easily triggered, knowing what sets Asthma off for you is the best way to cope with the condition when travelling. This way you can plan your holiday around these triggers where possible and make the condition less likely to strike whilst away. For those who suffer with a more serious dose of asthma we recommend speaking to you GP or specialist providing you with health care to see what support and advice can be offered to you.

Getting Travel insurance with a respiratory condition

When taking out travel insurance on Direct-Travel we do require you to declare any respiratory conditions, and this can affect your quote and the cover options available to you. When getting your medical travel insurance quote, we ask you to enter your condition name and the system returns questions relevant to this condition. The question set is small so it won’t take you long to declare any conditions linked to either your heart or the airways in your body, or any other conditions for that matter.

Some useful webpages linked to Asthma:

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