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If you need cover for multiple trips and so want an annual policy you may be wanting to go to many countries or you may not yet be sure which countries you will actually end up visiting. To help with this you will notice that on an annual multi trip policy you will be covered for any trips you make within the particular region you select. The regions are very general and allow you to select a policy that will cover you for trips you make to the countries within the region without the requirement of being specific about which countries you are going to.

Check out the regions you can select and find the one most suitable for you:

How to select the region that is right for you.

Each region covers a selection of countries which will be specified in your policy wording. The countries covered are often different between underwriters and can even vary between their policies. Some policies have regions that overlap for example "Worldwide" covers all of the same countries as "Worldwide except USA/Canada/Caribbean" with the exception of those particular countries. In fact Worldwide is how it sounds and it covers all available countries but is often the most expensive as a result.

Are there any countries not covered by any region?

There are particular countries that are not covered by any region but this is usually due to the countries being on the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) no travel list. This list is of countries the government recommends no travel to and as such is considered a no-go list for most travel insurance companies. To find out the current travel advice on the country you wish to visit please check here.

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