Heart and Circulatory Conditions

Blood vessels connect your heart and circulatory system together keeping your blood pumping round your body, an extremely important job. Every now and then, this system doesn’t work as it should which can lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Heart and circulatory conditions, also known as cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a group of medical conditions related to one of either the heart or circulatory system .

It's thought over seven million people in the UK are suffering from some form of heart or circulatory disease.

Just some of the conditions linked to cardiovascular disease:

Travelling with Heart and Circulatory Conditions

Most travellers suffering from cardiovascular disease can travel without issue unless the condition is fairly severe or unpredictable. If you are unsure, you can contact both the airline to let them know about your condition in advance as well as your doctor to check they are happy for you to travel.

For those looking to cover themselves with travel insurance with heart and circulatory pre-existing medical conditions, medical travel insurance offers a speedy medical screening process and some of the best names in the business within in online comparison.

The British Heart Foundation

For over sixty years the British Heart Foundation has continued research and provided information and support for those suffering from or just looking into heart and circulatory diseases. They have stacks of great information on their website including:

  • Conditions and the risk factors relating to these
  • How the heart works
  • Treatment and support
  • How testing for conditions work

For more information on the great work the British Heart Foundation are undertaking please visit their website here https://www.bhf.org.uk/.

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