Travel Insurance Cover for Stroke

Strokes and Mini Strokes (TIA)

If you have ever had a stroke or mini stroke (Transient Ischeamic Attack, or TIA), you will need to disclose this when applying for travel insurance. As a stroke can affect different people very differently, it’s important that you declare your medical condition so that you can be fully protected for your trip. You should always check with your doctor that you are fit to travel before making travel arrangements. For travel in Europe, you should also ensure that you have a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

What does travel insurance for Stroke and Mini Stroke TIA cover?

A travel insurance policy with stroke cover included offers you protection in the event of any complications whilst on holiday. In the event of loss or theft of any medication you would be able to make a claim for replacement costs. If you become unwell during your trip, having a travel insurance policy including cover for pre-existing medical conditions would protect you should you need to receive unplanned medical treatment, or repatriation back to the UK.Cancellation cover would mean that if you were deemed unfit to travel before your holiday, for reasons relating to complications of a stroke or min stroke, you would be entitled to make a claim. You are also able to cover travel companions on the same policy, so that they too are able to make a claim if their travel plans are affected. Please be aware that different insurers offer different levels of cover, and you should check the cover limits of the policy prior to purchase.

How to obtain travel insurance for Stroke and Mini Stroke TIA

Our online medical screening makes it easy to compare travel insurance that covers pre-existing medical conditions at When entering your details you will be asked some questions relevant to your condition, any related medical conditions (such as an irregular heartbeat, or thrombosis), and any medication you may have been prescribed. The answers you provide will allow us to quickly assess your current health situation and tailor travel insurance quotes that will provide suitable cover for you.

For further information and advice on travelling with a Stroke and Mini Stroke TIA, you may find the links at the below helpful.

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