Travel with Confidence: Medical Travel Insurance for Vascular Dementia

Vascular dementia is a condition that can impair memory and other cognitive functions, greatly affecting the lives of millions worldwide. The most common form of dementia, vascular dementia originates from a reduced flow of blood to the brain. and can lead to other degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's. Frontotemporal dementia is another type of this condition which can also be difficult to find travel insurance for.

However, having a pre-existing condition such as vascular dementia need not affect your holiday plans. With Medical Travel Insurance, you can enjoy your travels with the peace of mind that your pre-existing medical condition is covered.

We provide comprehensive coverage for hundreds of medical conditions, including vascular dementia. Whether you’re going on a single trip, an annual trip, a winter sports adventure, or a cruise, you can travel with confidence knowing that our insurance policies will cover you if something were to happen.

The Benefits of Medical Travel Insurance for Vascular Dementia

At Medical Travel Insurance, we make getting cover for your pre-existing medical conditions simple and secure. We'll give you a panel of quotes from a range of insurers, so you can choose the policy that best suits you.

Our medical screening process is quick and simple, so you don't have to worry about spending hours filling out forms. This ensures that you are kept safe while you’re away, and that you won’t have to pay out the huge costs of medical treatment while abroad. Plus, you'll get access to a 24-hour medical helpline. That way, if you require medical attention while away, you can speak to a medical expert who can help you.

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Don’t take the risk of going abroad without the right insurance. Make sure you have the coverage you need for your pre-existing vascular dementia.

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