Travel Insurance for Bone Cancer

Bone Cancer: Medical Travel Insurance for Peace of Mind

If you’re travelling abroad and have previously been diagnosed with bone cancer, it is important to research whether you might benefit from medical travel insurance. Although we cannot offer travel insurance for those with a terminal prognosis, we can provide cover if you have been diagnosed in the past, or are close to remission.

Medical Travel Insurance provides cover for hundreds of pre-existing medical conditions, including bone cancers such as osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, spindle cell sarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma, and chordoma.We are also able to provide cover, in some instances, for metastatic (secondary) bone cancer. This would mean a diagnosis of spread beyond the site of the primary cancer, to the bones.

Our travel insurance cover can help you to avoid the risk of having to pay out for expensive emergency medical treatment while abroad. We make sure you have the cover you need to ensure your security while you're on holiday, so you can enjoy your break without worrying. Before you finalise your holiday plans, make sure you've considered getting the right travel insurance cover for your bone cancer.

Comprehensive Cover for Your Bone Cancer

Our policies cover a wide range of pre-existing medical conditions, including bone cancer. Our cover includes hospital stay, medical fees, repatriation, 24/7 emergency assistance and more. We also offer cover if your holiday is delayed or cancelled due to medical reasons, or due to other unforeseen circumstances.

We make sure you have all the essential cover you need, so you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about potential medical bills and other unexpected costs. With Medical Travel Insurance, you can have the confidence that you're covered for emergency medical issues which may suddenly arise while you're away.

With competitive prices across all our cover types, we make sure you can get the cover you need to travel with peace of mind. You can also take advantage of our optional extras such as excess waiver, personal possessions cover and personal accident.

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