Chronic Kidney Disease Medical Travel Insurance

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a prolonged medical condition characterised by the gradual deterioration of kidney function. Over time, the kidneys lose their ability to filter waste and excess fluid from the blood, potentially causing various health complications and requiring management or treatment.

If you suffer with CKD, the thought of travelling abroad can be intimidating - not only do you need to consider the extra costs of potential medical care abroad, but you also need to think about the potential of being away from your regular medical support system. Medical Travel Insurance offers a range of cover options to suit your requirements, giving you peace of mind that you are covered while away. We are however, unable to provide policies where you intend to have treatment while abroad; this would include dialysis or other infusions and medication administration.

What Does Medical Travel Insurance Cover?

Medical Travel Insurance can offer extensive cover for chronic kidney disease, with competitive prices across a range of cover types, including protection against emergency medical expenses for unexpected injury, illness, and other various medical risks during your travels. Our cover includes hospital stays, repatriation, medical consultations, emergency dental treatment and much more.

Whether you are looking for a single trip, annual multi trip, winter sports, cruise or golf cover, Medical Travel Insurance can provide you with the cover you need for your holiday. We also provide cancellation cover, so if you have to cancel your holiday due to your CKD, other pre-existing medical condition, or death of a family member you will be covered for additional costs. This way, you can have the security and confidence to travel abroad with Medical Travel Insurance.

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