Navigating Sepsis (Septicaemia) with Medical Travel Insurance

Sepsis, also known as septicaemia, is a severe medical condition that can be life-threatening. It occurs when the body's response to an infection causes organ failure. Common symptoms include fever, rapid heart rate, and changes in mental status. It's a life-threatening condition that demands immediate medical attention, and if you have experienced this type of infection before, you might have concerns in the event it happens again.

The costs of medical care abroad can escalate rapidly, which could ruin your holiday experience. With Medical Travel Insurance, you can travel confidently knowing that you're prepared for unexpected medical incidents. Our competitive prices are designed to help you enjoy your holiday without worrying about the cost of medical care should you need it.

Why Choose Medical Travel Insurance?

Medical Travel Insurance can help you enjoy your holiday with peace of mind, allowing you to focus on enjoying yourself. With cover for hundreds of medical conditions, including sepsis, we can help you get the right medical travel insurance for your needs.

Alongside emergency medical cover such as hospitalisation costs, medication, repatriation back to the UK, and medical consultations, we also provide the essentials. Cancellation, travel delay, and loss or theft of personal belongings are covered as standard across our broad range of policies.

Whether you're planning a single trip, an annual multi-trip excursion, engaging in winter sports, setting off on a cruise, or going golfing, our competitive prices extend to various cover types, ensuring you find a Medical Travel Insurance policy which matches your travel requirements and health concerns.

Travel Securely

Requesting a quote is straightforward. Provide your travel information and a few personal details. Then, proceed to our online medical screening portal to complete necessary screenings for all travellers. Our friendly customer service team is also available to assist you throughout the quote process, especially if you face difficulties in declaring your medical conditions. They can provide alternatives or customised coverage options. 

Don't let sepsis ruin your holiday - get cover with Medical Travel Insurance today!

It's easy and quick to compare travel insurance policies when you shop online.

In need of assistance?

Our medical travel insurance team are ready to provide you with assistance regarding your quote. If you would prefer to talk to an advisor to receive a quote or have a query please contact our UK based customer service team. Find out details on our contact us page.

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