5 Reasons why a holiday is good for you

What’s your holiday preference? Busy city breaks, adrenaline-packed winter sports, or a relaxing beach break? Whatever your style, going on holiday can provide a positive boost to your health.

1 Accidental exercise

Finding the time to increase your activity levels can be a real chore at home, the gym is busy (and probably smells like feet), the weather can be unpredictable and if you do manage a free few minutes there’s usually something that needs doing, but on holiday you may find you’re getting some NEAT without even realising!

NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Thermogenesis – in simple terms it’s the number of calories burned through indirect exercise or planned sport – a few leisurely laps of the pool, getting into or out of your salopettes or even a stroll to a local pavement café… or bar?

2 Clearing your mind

Getting out of your usual routine, waking naturally without the aid of an alarm, and taking the time to relax does wonders for your mental health and well-being. A spot of sunbathing, a good book, a podcast, or a little siesta can lower harmful stress hormones – leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

3 Recovery time

The average working week sees us picking up some pretty poor habits, leading to strain on the body and mind. Poor posture from sitting at a desk or hunching over a phone, repetitive strain injuries, and excess caffeine and screen time are the major culprits and can be difficult to avoid day to day. Being on holiday gives you the time you need to practice some mindfulness, turn off your screens and enjoy the moment you’re in – aaaand relax.

4 Get outside

If like many Brits, you seem to spend all of your time commuting to the office, shuttling children to school, or occasionally visiting a supermarket, you may find that you feel isolated and fatigued by the daily grind. Travelling can help reconnect you with nature and encourage mindfulness – we’re not suggesting you go on a yoga retreat, or to an overly remote location – you can appreciate nature just as easily on a ski slope, a beach or jumping out of a plane!

5 The weather helps!

A lot of time the weather is what we travel for, but did you know that it can provide you with health benefits? Travelling to Canada, Iceland or Norway? Then you may notice your allergies improve, your sleep is better and your skin glows in the cold climate.

Sun worshipper? Healthy exposure to sunlight, with the appropriate precautions, increases vitamin D, which in turn promotes healthy bones and can boost the immune system.

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