How does my age affect travel insurance?

Does age affect travelling?

When we are travelling age can have a large impact on what we choose or are able to do. The young and confident may go on an adventurous trip with bungee jumping and surfing, for example, but as we get older these activities can be too exhausting, difficult or dangerous, especially if we have medical conditions or illnesses. This doesn't mean we can't have great holidays, after all there are plenty of things to do and see and we shouldn't have to be uncomfortable while doing them.

With age we also have a greater likelihood of health and medical issues, both diagnosed and undiagnosed. The issues are more likely to get more severe as we age as well as they combine to make things more difficult for us. This doesn't have to affect our attitude to the holidays we make but generally will. This is why cruises are considered more popular among older people even though many cruise ships have some great activities that people any age can enjoy.


How will age affect travel insurance?

Due to the differences in what we will likely want to do and what we can do, varying with our age, travel insurance also has to change based on our age. An older person with heart conditions probably shouldn't be bungee jumping for example and increases the risk of something bad happening if they do. Travel insurance deals with increasing risk by increasing the price or by not covering particular aspects of the holiday. If risk is too high then travel insurance will not be able to provide cover at all.

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How to get travel insurance that covers my age

All travel insurance will take into account your age. Some travel insurance companies do not like the risk that comes with older ages, this changes from company to company as do the ages that they are willing to provide cover for. Some will only provide cover up to 60 years old for example while others may have an upper limit of 70 or 80. Occasionally a company will provide cover no matter the age and will only block cover for certain ages when combined with particular activities or medical issues.

Ultimately you will need to look around or use aggregation sites such as ours to find insurers that will cover your particular age, or age range should you be going in a group, and don't forget to include all relevant details such as activities or health issues. If you are unsure it can always be worth phoning up and checking as some insurers are willing to make bespoke or personalised policies for you, particularly if it seems to be an unusual case.

We at medical travel insurance work with insurers who can cover any age and can get you a quote now and have you covered in no time. Click here to go and get a quote.

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