Explaining winter sports

Skiing and snowboarding trips

Holidays can take many shapes and forms and may involve many different activities and sports. Some of the best holidays can be activities in the snow. Skiing and snowboarding trips are a great way to have an exciting active vacation with incredible views and some great experiences. Safety on these trips is very important particularly if you are doing dangerous runs or going off piste.

There are more types of snow and ice based sports and activities than just skiing and snowboarding. Tobogganing, sledding, ice skating and snowmobiling to name a few. In the travel insurance industry these activities generally come under the heading or option of winter sports.

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Winter sports and travel

When travelling to participate in a winter sport activity there are a lot of additional things to consider. Are you taking extra equipment? Are the clothes you are taking going to be warm enough? Will you even be able to reach your holiday destination? All of these can complicate the holiday and increase the chances of issues, but when it goes smoothly it can all be worth while. There are plenty of things you can do to mitigate the issues. Make a checklist to ensure you have everything you need. Check the temperatures of the place you are going and watch for road closures and travel cancellations.

No matter how many possibilities you plan for however there will always be things that you cannot help. It is for this reason we always recommend travel insurance that covers winter sports specifically. Ideally you would also want insurance for health and medical issues that may arise or be exacerbated due to the cold or dangers on the slopes.

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Travel insurance to cover winter sports

Winter sports and activities are one of the types of holiday that travel insurance can really make a big difference to your peace of mind. There are many reasons for a winter sports trip to be cancelled for example or for unexpected equipment costs or even for very expensive search and rescue operations should something go wrong while skiing off piste. This is where travel insurance that covers all of these can really shine. Whether the holiday is cancelled due to too much or too little snow or the rented ski equipment gets damaged or you have a medical issue while on the slopes, with the right insurance you will be able to go and enjoy it without worrying about the extra costs.

Given the extra risks that come with a winter sports vacation most travel insurance that covers them come at a greater premium. Searching around for the best policy for you and your specific needs is always a good idea. Important areas to check for in a policy would be specifically what activities the winter sports section covers. What they will cover should you have health issues on the slope. Does it cover any rented equipment extra costs in case of damage or loss. Will the cancellation section cover the cost of the trip should the snow melt away and the trip be cancelled.

Of course we at medical travel insurance work with insurers who can cover winter sports with or without health cover and we can get you a quote right now. Click here to go and get a quote.

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