Your guide to baggage cover when travelling abroad

Travelling with hand luggage and other baggage

You may be off on a city break with just light hand luggage or you may be lucky enough to be going on a 3 month round the world cruise, whatever type of trip you are going on you need to ensure you have the right amount of Baggage cover.

Travel Insurance policies normally offer a set amount that they will cover you for loss of or stolen baggage and personal effects. The amount of cover varies but on average it is in the region of £1,000 to £3,000 of cover per person. Please remember to check single item limits within your baggage cover as if you have an expensive item of jewellery you may find you are out of pocket so do check the limit before you travel .


What is not covered?

There are a number of common exclusions that you should be aware of when purchasing travel insurance with baggage cover. The most common of these are such things as contact lenses, spectacles and dentures along with Mobile phones. You may wish to seek separate cover for items such as these since not all providers offer this facility. Your policy wording should clearly state what is and is not covered. Also check your household insurance cover as sometimes the policy offers cover for your personal belongings outside of the UK.

Am I covered if my cash is lost or stolen?

Most policies offer a small amount of cover under the Personal Money section of the policy this varies from policy to policy but on average covers you between £100 to £500 per person.

Making a claim

Claims under a Travel Insurance policy are normally dealt with on an indemnity basis, meaning deductions will be made for wear and tear. Proof of purchase is normally always required if this is not available, any photographs of you wearing the item or items or bank statements showing the purchase was made will all help to support your claim .

Items of luggage

Safety Tips to keep your Baggage safe

Always remember to carry your high value items within your hand luggage or better still on your person. Never leave your bags unattended at any time.

Lock your suitcase with a small padlock this will reduce the chance of someone trying to open your case in transit or worse still putting something inside your case.

If you are travelling with a partner or companion it is sensible to split your clothes and personal effects between the two cases then if one case does go missing at least you will both have some clothes to wear when you arrive at your destination.

When collecting your luggage at the other end ensure it stands out using a colourful luggage strap or luggage label will help easily identify your case. It is also sensible to clearly label your luggage and at the very least include a contact name and telephone number this will help reunite your suitcase with you if it does get lost or not arrive at your destination.

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In need of assistance?

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