Romantic Valentine Breaks

St Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to have a weekend adventure, so book a short break and get away from the gloom of the UK weather. If you don’t fancy battling the crowds at the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Trevi Fountain in Rome, take a look at our Medical Travel Guide to Romantic Breaks.

Camogli, Italy

Where better to start our journey than in Italy, the home of St Valentine? But we’re not venturing to Rome, we’re taking you to Camogli in North-West Italy, where Valentine’s Day is taken super seriously!

In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, you’ll find love everywhere the streets and shop fronts are decorated in all things love related. The Valentine’s Day Market isn’t to be missed, it’s full the brim with trinkets, jewellery and handmade chocolates, cakes and desserts for you to enjoy.

Many restaurants offer Valentine set menus, with local food and drink served in an amorous atmosphere that can only really be achieved by the Italians – Godere!

Average February Temp: 11 degrees

Malaga, Spain

We wouldn’t blame you if you thought that Malaga was a summer only destination, but there’s so much more to this beautiful city. The culture in this part of Spain is heavily influenced by the Moorish history in the region, meaning that everything from the architecture to the food, has distinctly North African flair.

Malaga is considered a cultural hotspot with an array of art and historical buildings to see. If you fancy treating your Valentine to a day of pampering, book a session at the Hammam Al Andalus thermal baths one of the most beautiful buildings in Malaga. You can book just to enjoy the beautiful steam rooms, thermal spa pools and to soak up the calming and restorative vibes but if you want to feel really spoiled, book a couple’s massage – you won’t regret it.

Average February Temp: 18 degrees

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Despite being a Spanish archipelago, the Canary Islands are located just off the North African coast – so this destination is a bit of a slog for a weekend break, but it might just be worth the 4 hour flight to feel the warm sun on your face.

There’s lots to do in Tenerife, but if you’re looking for some quality one on one time with your loved one consider Siam Park, this water park has a whole section devoted to relaxation. There’s a champagne club, where you can enjoy a glass of fizz on a canopied bed, while looking out at some spectacular sea views. If you’re feeling adventurous, the park also has some adrenaline filled slides and rides too.

Tenerife is home to an active volcano called Mount Teide, which at 12,198 feet tall, can be viewed almost everywhere on the island. Due to its height, and the lack of light pollution, Mount Teide is one of the most spectacular places to view the night sky and the sunrise – but pack a blanket, it can get chilly at night.

Average February Temp: 20 degrees

Reykjavik, Iceland

Icelanders don’t traditionally celebrate St Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t make Reykjavik it any less romantic as a destination, in fact Iceland in winter is a perfect couples retreat think soft blankets, crackling fires and views of the Northern Lights – a lover’s utopia.

Iceland has some of the most wonderous scenery and geological landscapes in the world, dotted amongst the glaciers, beaches and mountains are steaming geothermal pools for you to enjoy. One of the most famous is the “Secret” Lagoon, located just outside Reykjavik – there are tours to the lagoon, which in winter can include a golden circle tour and a chance to view the lights from the comfort of a 38-40 degree naturally heated pool.

Average February Temp: 3 degrees

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