Travel insurance that covers claustrophobia

Phobias such as claustrophobia or a fear of small spaces can severely affect your peace of mind when you go into enclosed places, this can include planes, elevators, trains and other forms of transport. This can affect your ability to travel and as such it can be coverable as a condition. Add medical cover to your policy and declare any and all pre-existing medical conditions on our system, it's easy so there is no reason you shouldn't add all your conditions, including claustrophobia, all you need to do is search for and add each condition, answer the related questions and we will be able to provide a selection of policies specific to your requirements. Please also remember that when travelling in Europe, it is important to make sure that you also have a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

What does travel insurance for claustrophobia cover?

With a travel insurance policy that covers claustrophobia, if there are any complications or issues while you are on holiday you will have access to a 24 hour emergency medical assistance or help line, with operators fluent in many languages who can speak to medical staff for you. The medical expenses section of a policy also commonly covers additional expenses such as ambulance and hospital admission costs, and repatriation to the UK. You will also get cover for cancellation meaning that if you were deemed unable to travel before your holiday, for reasons relating to your claustrophobia or any other declared pre-existing condition, you would be entitled to make a claim.

How do you get medical travel insurance that covers claustrophobia?

Our online screening makes it simple to compare travel insurance policies that can cover claustrophobia along with all other medical conditions you may have. When entering your details we will ask some questions relevant to your medical health and you will be able to add conditions, each condition has some specific questions to answer such as any related conditions you may have, whether it has interfered with your activities or daily living at all, and any treatments or surgeries you have had or are currently undertaking. with these answers we can assess your current health situation, so that we can provide you with travel insurance quotes that provide the cover that is correct for you.

For further information and advice on travelling with claustrophobia, you may find the links at the below helpful.

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